The mission of University Network of the European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC) is to ensure the recognition of the role and contribution of universities to the success of the cities conferred the title “European Capital of Culture”, to provide the member universities with a possibility of continuous and full participation in the European Capitals of Culture movement, and to foster inter-university cooperation to develop and reshape the universities’ regional position to create new activities for cities and universities.

As culture propels brands, which in turn drive business, the question becomes: How can we make a meaningful impact in culture?

For UNeECC, fostering an impact in culture involves facilitating active collaboration among member universities to shape and contribute to the cultural initiatives of the European Capitals of Culture. By doing so, we not only strengthen the academic and cultural ties but also reshape the narrative of universities as dynamic contributors to the cultural vibrancy of the designated cities.

This strategic engagement could encompass joint research ventures, cultural exchange programs, and educational initiatives that showcase the intellectual prowess of member universities. Furthermore, UNeECC can play a pivotal role in promoting events and activities that underscore the symbiotic relationship between academia and the cultural fabric of the European Capitals of Culture.

In essence, by actively participating in and influencing the cultural scene of these cities, UNeECC aims to shift the perception of universities from mere academic institutions to cultural influencers, thereby contributing significantly to the success of both the universities and the European Capitals of Culture movement.