The Center for Projects of the Municipality of Timișoara is a public institution working in the service of the Timișoara community.

Established in March 2021, the Center was the main implementation structure of the Timișoara 2023 ECoC Programme, by empowering cultural and community actors to produce projects and events that would make the city shine. It ensured the transparent and predictable funding of a coherent cultural programme, with strong international partnerships, based on the artistic independence of cultural operators and the guidance of a central Curatorial Team. At the same time, the Center manages a variety of spaces, including two cinemas, opened to the community for activities such as performances, exhibitions, trainings, conferences and concerts. Moreover, the Center produced memorable moments of the ECoC cultural programme: the Opening and Closing artistic events of the Programme, and City Celebration, a large-scale community project.

In 2024, the Center continues to work on the Legacy of the Programme: it develops the  Power Station component – dedicated to increasing the capacity of the cultural sector mainly through grants, trainings and networking, as well as the monitoring and evaluation processes of the results and impact of the ECoC Programme and a second edition of the City Celebration. 

Its involvement in the organisation of the conference is aimed to promote Timișoara as a place where culture is at the heart of positive transformation in the city, backed by the experience of the Timișoara ECoC programme. Through the exchange of views among policy makers, researchers and cultural operators we recognise the role and contribution of monitoring and evaluation practices as a learning resource and tool, and we develop a community of practice and reflection about the transformative process of the ECoC in general.

Visit the website of the Center for Projects (Romanian only).